Why choose us to design your garden landscape or the surroundings of business premises?

Why choose our company to design your garden landscape or the surroundings of business premises?

Because with more than 40 years of experience (the beginnings of the company date back to 1968), we successfully integrate design knowledge with implementation experience. With our practical knowledge, we can bring the most creative ideas to life. We have a permanent team of gardeners and assistants. We are constantly upgrading our knowledge to ensure effective services. We use plants from our own or verified partner nurseries. In agreement with you, we monitor the planting progress after the completion of works or provide full maintenance of the planted garden. Our ultimate goal is to keep our customers happy and satisfied so they recommend us to their acquaintances and friends without hesitation.

At the conclusion of works, we give you instructions for maintenance of the garden. We provide a one-year warranty for the landscaping work, covering follow-up care for any issues you encounter. We monitor your garden in the event of unusual weather events (drought, too much rain) and provide you with advice an ongoing basis.


Due to the coordination of the works and, consequently, the lower cost of execution, we suggest that the landscaping is started before the construction works are completed.

The garden arrangement can also be carried out in stages (e.g. construction and other non-horticultural works are performed first, then the hedges and lawns are taken care of, ornamental trees and shrubs are planted, garden beds of perennials are planted, water features are arranged and then, plant lighting is done etc.).

Where appropriate, we also outsource and include external staff, experts on swimming pools, water features, fireplaces and stone products (wells, fountains, slabs), and complex irrigation systems.

For landscaping and planting work, please call us at: +386 1 561 20 89 or write us an e-mail. Nataša Mihelič, BSc in Agronomy, will contact you.