Consultancy services are possible on site and in the garden centre

In our garden centre, you can also schedule a free-of-charge consultancy by prior agreement with the landscape architect. Based on the photos and sketches provided, the landscape architect will advise you and also show you the plants they propose.

Consultancy services on site and in the garden centre are suitable for the arrangement of new small garden beds or parts of an existing garden, whereas we suggest a more thorough consideration and design of a planting plan for new gardens and major garden interventions.

Why choose our garden landscaping consulting company:

Because you are advised by landscape architects with vast practical experience. Garden is a living thing and we know in what state it will be in five, ten or more years. We take this into account when consulting, planning, landscaping and maintaining the garden. With our practical knowledge, we can bring the most creative ideas to life. Our ultimate goal is to keep our customers happy and satisfied so they recommend us to their acquaintances and friends without hesitation.


To schedule an appointment, please call: +386 1 561 20 89 or write us an  e-mail. Nataša Mihelič, BSc in Agronomy, will respond and forward your wishes to our landscape architects Eva Strgar and Andrej Strgar.