Design: Bernarda Strgar, Biologist and Perennial Grower

Planting: Pro horto Strgar d.o.o., 2018

The two terraces are located on the top of a low multi-apartment villa in the city centre. Visually, they are both very pronounced. While they do offer some wonderful views over the city, the city castle and Mt Krim, they also provide a view over the nearby hovels. The major challenge was to shelter the terrace from the undesired views from the surrounding buildings and vice versa.

The larger of the two terraces, which is connected to the living room, dining room and kitchen, serves as an extension of these rooms, as the family spends most of their time there in the summer. It is big enough for the family to host social gatherings there.

The terrace is enclosed by planters filled with columnar yew serving as a hedge and partly sheltering the terrace from unwanted views from the surrounding buildings and the street.

The plants provide an appealing backdrop in every season. The multi-trunk Tibetan cherries (Prunus serrula) occupy three large planters on the terrace, with their striking reddish bark being especially attractive in winter. The leaves turn red in autumn. The undergrowth comprises evergreen pines and perennials that change throughout the year. The early-blooming daffodils in planters add a burst of spring colour. There are also ornamental grasses and perennials planted in long planters.

The smaller of the two terraces, which is also enclosed by a hedge of columnar yew, is characterised by large planters with multi-trunk red-leaved Japanese maples (Acer palmatum ”Fireglow”) and a ground cover of evergreen yews, ornamental grasses and geophytes.

Due to a neighbourly dispute, it was a particularly interesting technical challenge to lift the large trees and all necessary materials to the terrace at a distance of 40 metres (from behind the barrier next to the garages).

The terrace is fitted with an irrigation system.