Design: Katja Strgar

Planting: Pro horto Strgar d.o.o.

Construction and paving: Gradnje Grča d.o.o.

Electrical installations: Elektro Pirnat d.o.o.

The garden was arranged next to a weekend house in the Gorenjska region.

The house is situated on a slope, while the terrace is flattened along the high escarpment.

The owner wanted the paving on the terrace be unified with the surface that was already around the house, lamps be installed in the existing wall, and ambient lights be installed in the floor of the newly made terrace.

The challenge

Although the garden is small, it was necessary to work with many subcontractors, such as builders, pavers and electricians. The need to fully remove the sand from the old terrace and re-soil the ground was especially problematic. Another problem was to provide enough space for the access of trucks, a concrete mixer and a mobile crane along a very steep and narrow road, and lift of all machinery to the terrace. We also had to use a mobile crane to lift the excavator and place it on the terrace.

Final look

The garden’s planting structure is very simple, with a single ornamental flower bed with low pine and perennials, while grass was laid over the rest of the surface.