Design: Andrej Strgar, Landscape Architect

Planting: Pro horto Strgar d.o.o., 2000

People get excited by extraordinary things that leave an impression. Albeit overreacting at first, we often realise that our initial judgement was too harsh. On the other hand, I believe there is also something called “love at first sight”.


The garden was created around a renovated house in a compact settlement of single-family houses just outside of Ljubljana. The settlement was developed from a small village situated in the midst of fertile fields. It was built in the 1960s and 70s.

The plots are small, barely large enough for a house. The architecture in the settlement is very diverse. A new house was often built right next to the old one, while the old one was also extended. Gardens are mainly limited to the narrow lawns between buildings and fences.



The challenge

Our old house was given an entirely new appearance. Its architecture is very different from that of the surrounding area. Therefore, when designing the garden, we followed the architect’s idea and created a garden not at all typical for the Gorenjska region. The lines of the garden are clean and simple and relate to the simplicity of the building’s volume, which gives the impression of a giant rock formation due to the façade membrane.

The garden is limited to a relatively small lawn, which is partly raised above the basement level and therefore strongly subordinated in its position. Nevertheless, with the green and voluminous bamboo hedge, I managed to create a contrast in the garden between the surroundings and the garden space.

Final look

Regular plant shapes – trimmed boxwood balls serve as an extension of the purely architectural language. Ornamental grasses are planted between them to tone down the effect of grass and add emphasis, which gives the garden a sense of lightness with the softness of the moving stems. The garden is monochromatic.

Besides green, the only other colour is the red shade of maple leaves and, when in season, the autumn colouration of Chinese dogwood. In the evening, the carefully though-out arrangement is complemented by the lighting, which creates an almost magical atmosphere in the garden.