Combining traditional and modern trends.

The garden centre displays over 200 varieties of trees and shrubs. We sell potted, wrapped (appropriate for planting all year long) or bare root plants (planting appropriate only during dormancy). We specialize in Red Emperor and Japanese maple trees, ornamental dogwood bushes and shrubby hydrangeas.

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From idea to execution –
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Based on more than 50 years of experience, we successfully integrate our design knowledge with implementation experience. The garden is a living thing and we know in what state it will be in five, ten or more years. We take this into account when consulting, planning, landscaping and maintaining the garden.


A team of highly qualified staff is responsible for garden landscaping and quality execution.


With a team of highly specialized staff, we maintain large or small lawns, gardens, and the surrounding areas of facilities. Works can be performed weekly, in the spring or in the fall, or on an on-demand basis.

Garden Centre

We also offer large trees and shrubs in our garden centre. We grow many of the plants on our own, while some of them are imported from verified European tree nurseries that we have been collaborating with for many years.

Why choose plants from our garden centre?

  • They are grown in accordance with the EU nursery standards.
  • They have a high inner quality, i.e. the plant’s ability to successfully grow and develop immediately after it is transplanted into a garden.
  • We help you choose plants and provide you with expert advice.
  • We know what we are selling.
  • Our ultimate goal is to make our customers happy and satisfied so they recommend us to their acquaintances and friends without hesitation.
  • We make sure to offer also many unusual shrubs and trees and at customer’s request, we also make an effort and find certain plants with our European suppliers.

When choosing plants at our garden centre, we provide you with free advice on how to plant and care for them.

The garden center is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 am until 06:00 pm and on Saturdays from 08.00 am until 01.00 pm. We are closed Sundays and public holidays.

Plant Special Offers

Quality, respect for customers' preferences and expertise.

We also prepare special plant offers. During planting season, we try to bring new varieties of plants closer to our customers by presenting them as plants of the week and offering a 20% discount.

At the garden centre, we also offer gift vouchers which can be a perfect gift for various occasions. Gift vouchers are available in values of EUR 10, EUR 20, EUR 50 or EUR 100. If you opt for a EUR 100 voucher, we offer a 5% discount.

If you need any information about the plants and the garden centre, please call us on +386 1 561 20 8 or send us an e-mail. The garden centre is managed by Katja Bleiweis Strgar, a graduate geologist with 20 years of experience in working at the garden centre. The garden centre is located in Črnuče, the northern part of Ljubljana, at the Suhadolčanova ulica 6.

List of fruit trees and roses

Since plants are a living organism, we only offer guarantee on the plant's rooting for seedlings planted and maintained by our gardeners for one growing season. We kindly ask our customers to inspect the plant upon purchasing and to consult with a professional at the garden centre regarding the growing conditions and the kind of care their selected plant needs. We cannot assume responsibility for plants that die due to improper planting, mechanical damage, external weather conditions or inadequate care. Complaints are handled only if you submit the receipt.

If the customer selects a plant from the nursery which is dug out by our employees and then rejects it upon delivery, we charge handling costs in the amount 10 % of the plant’s price.

Other legal notices


Quality, Respect for Customers' Preferences and Expertise

Knowledge of plants, their requirements for position and proper soil along with knowing in what state they will be after five or ten years of growth are the first commitment of every employee at our garden centre. I strive to keep them all updated on the latest innovations in the fields of modern garden centres and plant knowledge. I am pleased to provide our clients with quality and competent advice in the procurement and supply of plants. Good internal quality of the plant is a condition for good growth and, ultimately, customers' satisfaction.

Katja Strgar, Garden Centre Manager